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Photo/Update: Booty Therapy and Long Week

Photo/Update: Booty Therapy and Long Week
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I have not been able to update my site or send out update emails this past week since I have been so busy doing a lot of things including a fun video with Maimouna Coulibaly, a beautiful dancer from France. We wrapped up shooting after 3 days, including one day that drained 20hrs out of me, but I think it will be totally worth it.

I have also been attending as many Uptown events as possible, as always, even if I show up late you will see me there. These include the Uptown Oscar party hosted by Jonathan Ulman,The Dominican Independence Day celebration at 809, the last Bago Mixer and of course the Inwood Fundraiser that I hosted.

I am also working on the short film, as far as making some small changes to the ideas behind it, but the auditions will still be held next weekend. Check out this link for info.

I will be uploading many pictures so keep a look out for that. I will also update this post with links to the above mentioned events with pictures just in case. Thanks for reading and thanks for all of your support!

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